To G’s spot, my name is Georg Schluender, and this my spot to share my thoughts and writing. G-spot simply for the shock value that gives clarity to my unique writing voice, but not my brands of writing which only 30 years of experience can offer readers of silent sports adventure travels. Silent Sports are mind and body in motion, humanly propelled by one’s strengths and that of Nature. It is of lifestyle recovery and travels across North America K9 Adventuring on a journey towards a simpler way of living. Where rural ecotourism stimulates homesteading entrepreneurship and seasonal silent sports adventures. Those topics are uniquely my brand of writing because they are my career lifestyle. So, if the word G-spot brought you here to satisfy your porn fetish, click-on. For here I market my writing, experience, and good-natured sense of humor. Thirty years as a wilderness guide creating ecotourism content for rural community tourism, and seasonal health and wellness websites across North America. Was also spent editing and writing for regional publications, blogger, journalist, ghostwriter, and copywriter. By clicking on Silent Sports Satori, you’ll be able to read my latest articles and blog posts. While K9 Adventuring highlight dog sports, and well-being. Focusing my branding on these topics and interest allow me to target your readers better. You can confirm the high-quality of articles, blogging, and copywriting I will create for your website, along with Copyscape capable of verifying the originality of all my work. If you’re not here looking for a freelance writer I do hope you appreciate and learn from what you read for my only purpose today is to guide all of us towards new adventures of Nature, body, and mind.

Be well, be light, be epic!

Georg Schluender