Wild Babies By Many Different Names

Within nature, some babies are cuter than others while all should be the pride and joy of every mother.  What some consider bundle-of-joy others may speculate spawn of the devil yet each is unique through the parent’s eye. Contemplate all the lives born from within Nature on each breath paced […]

Shooting Quills at the Porcupine Fallacies

  Looking up the valley as the fog mystically cloaked the forest. Night was falling with a fine mist that dampened the trail silent. It was too late to be in this neck-of-the-woods though there was no hurrying uphill outta the woodlands. I remember the dogs seemed nervous as we […]

Naturally Northern Michigan

Like many of my friends during high school in Northern Michigan, I couldn’t wait to escape the boredom.  Anywhere metro, the Outer Banks, Slickrock, the Rockies, the San Juan Archipelago it didn’t matter as long as we weren’t here.  So off we went in search of something grander.  Many returning […]

A Flock of Birds by Many Other Names

A study of “qualitative natural history,” is a form of nature appreciation integrated into our thinking, feeling and acting so to obtain the richest experiences possible from physical objects and occurrence.  The four elements of this relationship include  (1) an event, a person experiencing a natural object or occurrence; (2) […]

Grandma What Big Teeth You Have

Over twenty years ago while attending Northwestern Michigan College, I wrote an article on the re-introduction of wolves to Yellowstone National Park.  Which led me to Washington State, where I had the opportunity to study this species more closely at Wolf Haven, a non-profit sanctuary for wolves providing the public […]