Wild Babies By Many Different Names

Within nature, some babies are cuter than others while all should be the pride and joy of every mother.  What some consider bundle-of-joy others may speculate spawn of the devil yet each is unique through the parent’s eye. Contemplate all the lives born from within Nature on each breath paced […]

Silent Sport Satori Anxiety Incantation

First, practice deep breathing; five seconds for each inhalation and exhalation.  The parentheses represent the inhale thought first and the exhale thought second.  This shall assist in producing a calming and centering effect. (I am completely) – (stopping) (I expect) – (nothing) (I am) – (doing my work) (I trust) […]

Snowshoeing 101

I converted from the summer months of kayaking and bathing suits a few years ago to the ice and cold of winter in Northern Michigan as my favorite time of year.  You can never dress cool enough in the summer, but always warm enough in the winter.  You’re always swatting […]

Snow Caching

I’m not talking about storing or saving snow as the term caching lends itself to in the title.  Rather a family winter activity sweeping the Nation called Geocaching.  At the moment of this writing there are over 1.2 million geocaches worldwide and within 50 miles of Elk Rapids, Michigan, almost […]