The Jordan Valley Triangle

We are hard-pressed to find a person not familiar with the Bermuda Triangle and may hear mention of the Manitou Island Triangle of shipwrecks from Northport to Glen Haven. Though when I speak of the sea of wilderness that is the Jordan Valley Triangle most people nod without a clue to what I refer. This 18,000-acre block of the Mackinaw State Forest; ole time flannel wearing hook-n-bullet has cherished for years and even the government has offered a treasure chest of hands-on-natural history. Every silent sport has an outlet between its borders. With every point of the triangle offering supply needs and easy access to miles of seasonal adventures.

Starting with the base being Highway 131 running north-south between Mancelona highway 66 intersections and M32 easterly intersection winding and rolling to its pinnacle of East Jordan is considered an epic color tour by some leafers. Though it’s what lies in between those highway borders from the wetlands of the Jordan River and its endless pathways connecting to the North Country Trail that make the Jordan Valley Triangle a silent sports phenomenon.

From the highway 66 side, mountain biking and paddling.  From the M32 side, cross country skiing and geocaching will get the heart pumping. While I’ll guarantee any weary traveler that Deadman’s Hill will resurrect the soul accessible from the middle of the 131 corridors. The pinnacle is the gem found within this wilderness. Where the headwaters of the Jordan River meet the south arm of Lake Charlevoix.  East Jordan has been a working person’s town since the timber era making you feel like you fit into the community upon arrival. With good food and artisans around every corner even roaming the village streets can be an adventure worth taking.

Highway 66


Northern Michigan’s Route 66 rolls and twist through an emerald green forest towards East Jordan. With the Pinney Bridge Campground resting at the headwaters of the Jordan River, the seasonal road will take you into the heart of the Jordan Valley Triangle and in the winter is a snowmobilers mecca.

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Warner Creek, NCT,

Highway 131

Deadman’s Hill, National Fish Hatchery, landslide look-out

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